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2 071 objets correspondants
African art, African artifacts, African masks, statues, carvings, textiles, Kuba cloth, baskets, tribal jewelry, ethnic jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan artifacts, Venetian beads, Millefiori, Tibetan...
417 objets correspondants
342 objets correspondants
Welcome to my eBay Store. I have recently purchased hundreds of png, timor, batak, dayak, ifugao, asian, and african items from a man who traveled the world from 1970-2009 they are extraordinary item...
219 objets correspondants
209 objets correspondants
We sell 35mm fine art slides from all nations and eras: Pop Art, Photography, European and American modern art, African Art, Asian Art, Architecture, Ceramics, Sculpture and more! 200,000 images in st...
200 objets correspondants
163 objets correspondants
Rare Antiques, Art and Jewelry. African art, African artifacts, African masks, statues, antique bronze sculptures, Containers, Figures, Antique Benin bronze and plaques, carvings, textiles, tribal jew...
147 objets correspondants
Direct Importers of fine African art and artifacts. Tribal Carvings, Containers, Figures, Masks, Pottery, Furniture are just some of the wonderful product we are able to source.
101 objets correspondants
99 objets correspondants
Welcome to Kayloo Imports. Please add us to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. Thank you for your business.
84 objets correspondants
Cultural Artworks is committed to offering authentic, high quality artworks from many cultures of the world.
75 objets correspondants
63 objets correspondants
I Enjoy Providing A Huge Selection Of Rare Collector Quality Antique & Ancient Trade Beads. I Specialize In Antique & New Ethiopian Christian Items, African Tribal Antiques Including Wood Carvings & A...
63 objets correspondants
Welcome to my eBay Store. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. Thank you for your business.
60 objets correspondants
Thank you for visiting our store, We at Nouvel Esprit are committed to providing authentic tribal art from around the world, We are based in Indonesia where we can provide fine tribal artifacts at bel...
48 objets correspondants
Quality Collectables At an Affordable Price
48 objets correspondants offers African masks & sculptures, Precolumbian artifacts, Oceanic tribal arts and Native American relics. We have over 25 years experience authenticating and selling Tribal A...
48 objets correspondants
Welcome to my eBay Store.We sell Tribal art aboriginal bark painting shield club spears woomera shell boomerang dot painting .Png oceanic bowls Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and vis...
48 objets correspondants
Welcome to the Maasai Market, you will find a wide range of items mainly originating from Kenya. Kenya is a beautiful country with a wealth of History and Trades. For those who have been to Kenya or ...
48 objets correspondants
Welcome! Jewelry, amulets, talismans, tribal and ethnic objects from Africa, directly selected in the place of origin with endless passion. Amazigh, Berber, Tuareg, Fulani, Dogon, Gan, Lobi, Kuba, Kir...
47 objets correspondants
Thank You For Visiting My Ebay Store. I specialize in Antiques, Vintage Goods, African Art, Collectable's and Novelties. Thanks again for visiting and for your business. Have a great day/night =)
43 objets correspondants
42 objets correspondants
37 objets correspondants
35 objets correspondants
Santa Fe Sandy offers shoppers a unique and special collection of eclectic items that include folk and ethnographic art, paintings and prints, jewelry, rock specimans and lapidary material, books, pos...
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